Michigan State University’s Career Success is the gateway to resources, programs, and events that will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be professionally. This site is supported and developed by the Graduate School

From here you can:

  • evaluate your professional skills
  • explore career skills and professional pathways through PREP, or career pathways
  • create an account to customize your career and professional development plans
  • develop professional portfolios to share with advisors and potential employers
  • access tools for success to strengthen your teaching and conflict management skills, and to support your career planning and personal wellness

Do you have the key skills that academic and non-academic employers identify as crucial for success in your future career? Test your skills.

Ready to plan? Or need help thinking about planning, or even knowing what questions you should ask? Start here.

Do you need a specific set of tools to support your career development?  Find tools for success.

The topics, career stages, and skills on our site reflect current research on increasing graduate student completion and retention and on transitioning successfully from the Ph.D. to academic and non-academic careers.

This site was developed in part through support from the following granting organizations: The Council of Graduate Schools, The Education Testing Service, National Science Foundation

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