The Conflict Resolution program provides a focused and effective method to improve the very critical interactions between graduate students and faculty in order to improve doctoral student retention rates and the quality of graduate education and to effectively resolve conflicts when they arise. Topics include:

  • learning interest-based approaches and skills for negotiation and conflict resolution
  • discussions, using video vignettes as conversation triggers, about the specific areas of possible conflict and differing expectation within their discipline, or more broadly in graduate education generally
  • using interest-based negotiation approaches and skills to establish collectively agreed-upon departmental understandings of mutual expectations and responsibilities

This program is available in a Face-to-Face and online format. For a list of Face-to-Face sessions visit the Graduate School Workshops page: For the online version of the training select the applicable Conflict Resolution link (student and faculty versions available) below under Featured Workshops.

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A Very Important Course
"The information presented at the workshop is very important, and the methods and strategies are practical. I wish I had attended this workshop earlier in my program because I think some conflict would have been prevented!"
--Graduate Student